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Inductions and New Members


Inductions and introductions are over and we are loving our new and returning members. Three social sessions, a visiting Author and fire pit later; our society has expanded with our new additions to the creative community. AH

Earlier this month a number of our members met literary legend, Anthony Horwitz for a Q and A detailing life as a long standing writer and his movement from novels to scripts. A fabulous experience all round, not to mention a real gentleman to meet.  Organised by Roehampton University it allowed out members an insight to the possibilities the future holds as they continue to develop their own creative talents.

mentalhealthawarenessThe UR Writing Society have also had the privilege to collaborate with Roehampton Universities Mental Health Awareness Network. We wrote nearly 200 notes of positivity and left them all around campus with sweets to help make the recipients day that bit better. Words can mean more than we know, so how better to share our talents than by lifting others up. As a creative community we are here to support one another, let our writing bring change however small.

Our last session was a Halloween special held in the orchard after dark. Though things got spooky enough to melt the faces off our marshmallows, the general consensus at the end of the night was not we would all rather face 20 dog sized horses over one horse sized dog.

On top of all these events and sessions, our members have been working on their writing in and out of group sessions. Here are a few fabulous examples from our members.

100 Word Challenge Poem

Sometimes soaring sometimes dropping
blue emptiness around me
my stomach can’t decide,
my hand grips the rough basket
gas jet burning a roaring blue cone.
I lean over forgetting to breathe
the rope beneath me twirls.
An expansive green below
the flame above me growls.
Sooty metal, twisting, grinding, reining it in
expanse of the white marble above,
violent swings front to back
heavy sandbags trailing golden streams.
I’m happy and I’m sick,
each gust makes it more unsteady
my stomach can’t decide-
hollow space being filled inflating patchwork fabric.

By Tom Cole, Andy Lewis and Kate

100 word Challenge Poem (2)

We ate clouds for dinner
so full of hot air that you…
The air tastes dark
it tasted of first love
inflating at the slightest remark.
Sky, sky, sky
under a blanket, listening to the rain.
My remarks are your flame,
guess what colour.
We led migrating geese.
You hungrily accept and make room for more,
I can feel the wicker through my shoes
In a V formation towards the sun.
I don’t know why I feed you,
bumps beneath my trainers.
We played guitar
and air beneath the bumps,
a big vast drop
and they sang songs of skies.

By Andy Lewis, Lisa Gaultier, Koinsola

Keep a look out for more work from our Halloween session and National Novel Writing Month inspired pieces. Until then, keep writing!

Meet the Committee


President: Belinda Bradley


Published in: Roehampton Blog, What Uni, Fresh Magazine, Roehampton Voice, LUSH online, Magpie and Lothlar, Officially Inscripted Blog and Speechless.
My favourite book is: Dead Dog in a Suitcase, the Play.
And I would like to be famous for: Using her words.

Vice-President: Andrew Lewis


Published in: SceneCreek, WhatCulture, ScreenRant, Writing Local Thinking Global: Hillingdon Literary Festival Anthology 2016, Candlelit Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry, and Everlasting Love: A Collection of Poetry.
My favourite book is: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
And I would like to be famous for: Writing and producing movies, and writing novels.

Vice-President/Treasurer: Katharine Cheetham


Published in: Roehampton Blog, Speechless and In Which Dragons Are Real But.
My favourite book is: The Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn
And I would like to be famous for: Changing the world through her work.

Social Secretary: Jacob Bathgate

jacobPublished in: The Unseen and In Which Dragons Are Real But
My favourite book is: The graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore
And I would like to be famous for:
Jacob has no desire to be famous or well known, but if he becomes famous he hopes he does so for being nothing but himself.

Secretary: Mel Mullee


Published in: The Unseen and In Which Dragons Are Real But
My favourite book is: Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli
And I would like to be famous for: Mel would like to be famous for writing short stories or maybe a novel some day.

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